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Where Do All Roads Lead To?

In Singapore, all roads lead to ERP gantries.

You can drive from Singapore and reach Rome eventually after a very long odyssey. But not before you pay your dues on the roads in Singapore first.

A Fine Wide Mess

Carina Lau

When Carina Lau's nude photo scandal broke out in 2002, she denied being raped when she was abducted, stripped naked and photographed by the triads. Who would have believed her claim that she was not raped? Even a straight man would have struggled not to touch her when she was naked and helpless, let alone a bunch of triad crooks. Of course they gang-banged her.

They didn't kill her. They let her live.

Why was she abducted? She said it's because she refused to act in a movie produced by a triad boss. Tony Leung hired an investigator and found out who this fella was.
Carina Lau Kar-ling (born December 8, 1965 in Suzhou, China with family roots in Rongxian, Guangxi, China) is a Hong Kong actress. She was especially notable in the 1980s for her girl-next-door type roles in films.

PersonalShe has been in a long-term relationship with Tony Leung Chiu-Wai since 1989.

2002 East Week magazine photo incident
In October 2002 naked pictures of Carina Lau were sold in East Week magazine owned by business entrepreneur Albert Yeung. Lau was supposedly kidnapped and raped by the triads in Hong Kong with the kidnapping supposedly taking place roughly in 1990, 12 years prior to the publication.[2] Local papers of Lau through Reuters news agency reported that she was kidnapped and viciously assaulted and gang raped, though a police report was not filed.[1] [3]

Massive protests and petitions were held by fellow Hong Kong entertainers.[2] Lau herself was applauded for participating in the protests. Nansun Shi, a fellow support actress speaking for Lau:

“ She said if this most regrettable incident has made the community aware of the importance of media ethics in our lives then what she has suffered does not really matter.[1] ”

The nude photos revealed the actress in distress. The local magazine was temporarily shutdown after the publication.[4] Many feared the media was taking desperate measures to attract readers.[1]

She is currently the CEO of Hong Kong's TVMART channel. Since being appointed as executive president, she is not expected to continue as CEO for longer than seven months, due to a loss of 40 million Taiwan Dollars.[5]

As for the reasons of the company's downward operation, Hong Kong residents are not used to shopping via television and also, the shopping channel invited hosts from the serious news channel, two of which made it a failure.[5]

Hong Kong actress Carina Lau was invited to be CEO because the company coveted her fame and influence. Carina told the media that because she was not that well educated, the decisions made by her might have some negative influence on the company.

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