Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Almost Knocked Down A Cyclist

Just had a tiff with a cyclist on the road this morning.

I was turning left at a t-junction with a zebra crossing.

There was a cyclist in front of me keeping left trying to turn right.

By right, he was supposed to keep right since he wanted to turn right.

But he kept left instead.

So i signaled left, wrongly presuming that he was about to make a left turn. I braked and almost hit him. He also braked and jerked his bike. He was extremely upset that i almost hit him.

He started to curse and swear at me. I wanted to curse and swear back at him but i shouted back at him,

"Uncle you’re in the wrong! You’re supposed to keep right if you wanted to turn right!”

Anyway, he continued with his tirade and insisted that he was not in the wrong.

He shouted back at me, "Want to report to police?"

I didn’t even horn at him. On hindsight, maybe i should have horned at him to tell him i was approaching from his right.

Crappy. Absolutely crappy.

The next time i see him again, i would have to slow down and pass by him on his left side instead of on his right side.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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